Thursday 3rd of June 2021

April 2021 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago, my sister and I were talking like we usually do every few days and she revealed that the mission of Devoted Skies was daunting to her.  When I heard this statement, I was admittedly thrown aback. My sister (a John Hopkins University trained epidemiologist), just like me, grew up in Africa, works in healthcare, holds numerous degrees, and loves a good challenge.  However, there is one difference in our childhood experiences: she lived in the city and I lived in a very remote village, a sub-rural community with my grandmother.   As we continued our conversation, we talked about how access to modern medicine – how they get it, when they get it – in sub-rural communities, globally is very much an after-thought.  She candidly admitted that it was an after-thought for her as well. As they say, out of sight out of mind.

It has been slightly over a year since COVID pandemic has taken over the worlds, and the world is still grappling with its impact on our daily life. Even with approved vaccines, the challenge of manufacturing, distribution and supply availability still remain. In the US and many developed countries, the issue is making sure everyone gets the vaccine on time for herd immunity.  Low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) have not been so lucky. Lockdowns, curfews, and restricted movements are still in place. Some countries have appealed to World Health Organization (WHO) for vaccine supplies. Global agencies direct the LMICs to individual countries who have intellectual property rights for the approved vaccines (UK, Israel, USA, Russia). The governments of these countries then direct them to manufacturers (Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Moderna, J&J). The manufacturers make vaccine quantity promises and prioritize countries to supply. As we all live in a world with global travelers and commuters, COVID will be with us for all while. Full, world-wide vaccination will take several months, if not till next year, but we are committed to keep executing our medical program in 2021. These programs as we continue dialogue with our international medical directors will include clinical services, medical supplies donation and healthcare administrator workshops. Our journey to equal opportunity healthcare continues. My health, your health, OUR world is all interconnected.

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Devoted Skies continues to raise awareness to the disparity in global healthcare access. Medical supplies are critical life-saving tools in healthcare delivery and living with COVID is our new reality. Our team in the US and other countries have been able to volunteer their time in response to the impact of the pandemic. So, a special THANK YOU, to you, our subscriber and supporter for your donations and words of encouragement.  We continue to keep an open dialogue with our partners in the US and abroad to share their needs assessment and preparations, publicly, so they do not become out-of-mind. The premise behind Devoted Skies is based on hope and possibilities.

18 – Did You Know: 18 is the # of years people in low-income countries live fewer than in high income countries1. Gift $18 today to help close this gap and receive a .pdf copy of “One Mountain, Many Paths”from best-selling author and psychologist Dr. Patrick Swift – on  dealing with adversity.

Our ambition is to see equitable access to healthcare without economic and social marginalization. Your support has been tremendously helpful in this cause. We have given our website a facelift and shared profiles of our Advisory Board; working tirelessly for our common cause. We have also launched our health equity survey to assess the effectiveness of giving among donors, and other charitable groups. What metrics would you like to see when you support a non-profit? – link to access the 2-minute survey. We will keep you apprised of our work and share more stories of hope and health that supporters like you make possible.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

With warmth and gratitude,


  1. HIMMS: Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society
  2. Picture: Sincere appreciation to all healthcare heroes and everyone working for a healthier, safer world. Picture of my 2nd Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine by a Medic from the US National Guard.